How to Create a Scandinavian-Style Kitchen?


Over the years, the Scandinavian kitchen design has become extremely popular. Such a type of kitchen is designed to meet everyday needs – it is functional and provides a comfortable and warm atmosphere for gatherings with friends and family.

Bright, airy and beautiful, the kitchen represents the Scandinavian love of the outdoor environment and incorporates natural materials.

Style Kitchen?

If you are planning a kitchen renovation and the Scandinavian kitchen design is the one you chose, then you have come to the right place! Here, we’ll give you some ideas that can help you bring the Nordic style to your own kitchen and give it a charming touch.

What Makes a Kitchen Scandinavian

In Scandinavia, the kitchen is typically the most important room in the home.

This is connected with the Scandinavian way of living, where inviting friends and family over for dinner is a regular thing. Food is prepared at home on a daily basis, and the kitchen is the place to enjoy a slow way of living.

When it comes to its interior design, it’s often a question of the overall look versus practicality. Remodelling a kitchen in this style is often daunting, but following some rules can help you achieve that look, no matter the current style of your kitchen.

How Do You Make A Hygge Kitchen

In the spirit of Scandinavian style, a Hygge kitchen is a place of cosiness. “Hygge” is the Danish lifestyle concept of living well with simplicity and comfort at home. It’s not so much about the space you have but ‌the welcoming feeling of warmth.

A hygge kitchen isn’t about decorating but the creation of comfort that gives the people in the room the feeling of care and tranquillity.

A Hygge prioritises both functionality and beauty and following these steps will help you bring a sense of comfort and happiness to your kitchen:

Functional Layout

A Scandinavian kitchen implements lots of practical solutions. This interior design allows excellent storage space, and it’s one of its features that makes it so appealing. Having as much space as possible while keeping the style minimalistic and airy is the key.

Behind the sleek cabinet doors and drawers, storage should be maximally efficient with good organisation.

And if you ‌need additional space, you can hire a handyman to install open shelving above the counter. Open and floating shelves visually work better than closed cupboards and will give you extra space to keep spices and herbs or even display some stylish mugs and dishes.

If your room is large enough, you can also think about implementing a kitchen island.

However, consider if you have enough space for it; otherwise, it can quickly make your kitchen look too small. You should be able to walk and work around the island comfortably.

Alternatively, consider a movable island cart. It’ll give you an extra counter and shelving, and it can be easily put away.

Natural Materials

The use of natural materials is the key element in a Scandinavian-style kitchen. Wooden fronts, stone or tile for backsplash or flooring will create a warm and authentic atmosphere.

However, the modern Scandinavian kitchen no longer has all-white countertops. Although it’s still somewhat of a dominant colour, darker blue and green tones, combined with natural materials, have made an entry.

Besides wood and stones, metals, linoleum, marble, and stainless steel have also made an appearance and incorporating these natural materials adds warmth, authenticity and personality.

Technological advancements have brought more appliances into the kitchen. This change has also been reflected in the design and choice of materials of the Scandinavian interior design – most appliances should be built-in and hidden with the same fronts as the drawers and cabinets.

Make The Space Light and Bright

With only a few hours of daylight during the winter, it is not a surprise that the Nordic design focuses on well-lit and bright spaces. Therefore, think of installing large windows or skylights, as this will not only brighten up the space but also bring the outdoors in.

Light fixtures, on the other hand, have a sleek, modern design in metal or glass and come in all shapes and sizes. The exposed bulb lights give a soft yet workable light and fit perfectly in this interior style.

In any case, the best choice you can make is lamps that provide you with a decent source of light for optimal cooking conditions. Make sure you have enough light on every part of your working surface.

Light Colours

When designing a Scandinavian kitchen, think of light and natural hues. As a rule, this style is simple, and the major use of light hues is for a practical reason. The Scandinavian countries are dark in the winter, and light colours and materials reflect light optimally, even if there’s very little of it.

Black, white, blue, grey and neutrals are a great way to mix primary Scandinavian colours. Incorporating these hues through cabinets, backsplash, or even small kitchen appliances creates a bright and airy atmosphere, typical of Nordic design.

Key Elements of Scandinavian Style Interiors

There are numerous ways you can implement simplicity, functionality, and elegance in your kitchen and give it a Scandinavian look.

Following these tips will help you create a cosy atmosphere and bring a Nordic touch to your place:

  • Clear out the clutter – The unique element of Scandinavian decoration is the simple and practical style, so don’t clutter your kitchen. Keep countertops decluttered, and don’t be afraid to get rid of the items you don’t need or don’t want in your home.
  • Vintage touch – Scandinavians like to incorporate vintage touches in their modern spaces. For example, a contemporary kitchen with a vintage-style black range for cooking is a perfect combination. A vintage garage-style shelf or an old wooden chopping block will also fit perfectly into the interior of a Nordic kitchen.
  • Rugs And Soft Furnishings – Since Scandinavia is a land with cold weather, many kitchens implement cushions or small area rugs to keep the appearance cosy. Such little details can go a long way in helping you create an atmosphere of comfort and happiness.
  • Indoor Greenery – Bring nature into your home by incorporating plants and herbs into the kitchen. Some potted plants on the open shelves or a small herb garden on the windowsill will bring life to your kitchen and contribute to the Scandi ambience.


Scandinavian kitchen design is about finding the perfect harmony between simplicity, functionality and elegance with hints of personality.

If you already have ideas about how to remodel your kitchen, don’t hesitate to contact a local expert handyman and get the Scandi-style you have always dreamed about.

Following the ideas above and using your creativity will help you bring the Nordic style into your home and create a cosy, warm and welcoming feeling.

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