How to decorate your interior with flowers.?


Floral decor is a timeless trend that brings softness to interiors. Having fallen into disuse in favor of more avant-garde styles, it is nevertheless making a comeback.You just have to carefully choose the elements with this romantic and elegant touch to obtain an elegant and modern result.

floral wallpaper

Contrary to some popular belief, floral wallpaper is not reserved for our grandmothers’ living rooms. The most recent models are made in a delicate and refined style, particularly appreciated in the bedroom but also in the office. Panoramic, vintage, abstract… There is a very wide choice of styles among which you will easily find the one that suits you. In addition, the range of colors allows you to create a floral decoration that matches the colors of your walls.

Dare to use flowers on home textiles

The flowers also invite themselves on the household linen. They adorn curtains and cushions, are printed or embroidered on bed linen. There are also beautiful carpets embellished with flowers. Remember to combine the prints with plains reminiscent of the colors of flowers or in contrasting shades so as not to overload the decor. In a particularly spacious and bright room, you can combine several elements with floral motifs. If space is relatively limited, bet on a single strong piece: the bedspread, the tablecloth…

How to make a green wall?

A herbarium as a wall decoration

Presenting your herbariums as paintings to hang on your walls is a great option for integrating flowers into your interior decoration. You can combine several herbariums or create a large format herbarium using the same support for several varieties of flowers and leaves. Do not hesitate to vary the dimensions to create volume effects. Also play with the shades of green to obtain a natural monochrome with strong decorative power.

How about fresh flowers?

It is obvious that fresh flowers are the most relevant elements to adopt this decorative style. If you are one of those who appreciates regular changes, bouquets are made for you. Go to your neighborhood florist, or even simpler: order on the internet! There are sites specializing in flower delivery such as  Aquarelle for example. Opt for flowers that retain their freshness for several days and fill the air with delicate fragrances. You can change the bouquet every week or at the frequency of your choice. If you want a more sustainable floral decoration and if you have a green thumb, flowering plants will not fail to seduce you. Of course, nothing prevents you from combining bouquets presented in vases and plants grown in pots.

Opt for tableware with floral motifs

Plates, cups, soup bowls, mugs, glassware… The crockery is adorned with different patterns inspired by floral beauty to dress your dining table with a certain elegance. Whether they are worked with in a resolutely discreet style or whether they are drawn in very large format, the patterns found on the tableware allow you to breathe freshness into your interior decoration.

Integrating flowers into the interior decoration is not as difficult as one might think. The main thing is to avoid excesses to enjoy a pleasant visual.

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