Why crack for an interior canopy at home.?


Very trendy, the interior canopy invites itself into our interiors and stands out as an essential decorative element. Bright, aesthetic, practical: discover all the advantages of the canopy in your home.

Bring light

And there was light ! Thanks to an interior canopy, no more dark rooms that end up smelling of humidity. If your kitchen is not exposed to the sun, but the adjoining living room is, then all you have to do is break down the partition and install an interior canopy to bring in the light. Not only does this promote the well-being of all the inhabitants, but it also allows for significant energy savings. If you want to multiply the light more, bet on this very simple trick to put in place: install several mirrors, so as to reflect the rays of the sun. Light effect guaranteed!

Delimit the space

Ideal for decompartmentalizing space, the interior canopy structures the interior of your home in an elegant and subtle way. It separates the rooms while allowing the light to pass through. It is particularly suitable between the kitchen and the dining room, or between the bathroom and the bedroom of a parental suite. In fact, the interior canopy adapts to all types of project, and can be made to measure according to needs. In short, a quick and effective cleaning will wash your interior canopy.

low maintenance

Contrary to what one might think, an interior canopy does not require any particular maintenance. Simply avoid using products that are too aggressive on the metal part. As for glass, liquid soap and hot water will do the trick to get rid of fingerprints or other stains.

An aesthetic touch

If the interior canopy is so popular, it is because it is an essential element of industrial decoration which made its big comeback a few years ago. To adopt it at home, it’s very simple: we combine modernity and vintage pieces. The interior canopy blends in perfectly with this New York loft decor, an artists’ studio version in Brooklyn. And, icing on the cake: find vintage pieces in flea markets and garage sales, to give character to your interior.But beware, the glass roof also adapts to the neo-rustic look, when the walls are adorned in white and the parquet floor recalls the atmosphere of country houses. It’s up to you to find the style that suits you best!

Models adapted to all tastes

Workshop canopy, partition canopy, mondrian canopy, accordion canopy: there are many types of canopy from which you can choose and install in the room you want. It is also possible to create a made-to-measure canopy, which adapts to all the constraints of your home.

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