How to Choose a Solar Panel Installer in 2024


Choosing a Solar Panel Installer

If you’re looking to ‘go green’ and use the sun’s energy to power your home, finding the right solar PV specialist  is a must. Expert installers will know exactly how many panels to fit for your energy needs and will follow certain protocols to get the job done safely. So here are some top tips for identifying the perfect solar panel system provider in 2024.

Solar Panel

Know What You Want

First things first, do your homework and decide which panels are best for your home. There are two different types that are commonly used for residential properties – monocrystalline and polycrystalline. The type you choose will affect what they look like, their cost and their efficiency, so you must know what you want from the very start. That way, you can find a provider that’ll meet your requirements. If you’re interested in having a solar battery installed as part of your system, look for a company that does this too. Solar batteries can help you tap into solar energy even after dark and are well worth having.

Verify Their Credentials

Once you know which panels and batteries you want to have installed, you can start to look for a provider. Choose an installer that’s MCS-certified and has RECC (Renewable Energy Consumer Code) membership. You can also check specialist trade websites such as CheckATrade and TrustATrader to see if the company you like is a member. Information shouldn’t be hard to find. Reputable companies will advertise their credentials on their website.

Look at Google Reviews

According to research, 95% of consumers read online reviews before they shop and 58% said they would pay more for the products of a brand with good reviews. Reviews provide valuable customer insights and will give you a good idea of how well a company performs. If the majority of comments seem genuine and positive, then you can normally expect a good experience. If the reviews are bad and say the same things about poor customer service and such like, then you know to avoid that particular solar panel installer.

Ask Detailed Questions

A good installer will be happy to answer your questions. So, don’t hold back. Reputable suppliers will have a very specific process for solar panel installation and will be able to explain each and every step-in detail. They should also ask your questions to find out your energy usage. This will then be used to calculate how many solar panels are needed. Be aware of suppliers who want to install panels without taking into account your energy usage or the number of residents in your home. If the job seems rushed, it probably is.

Solar panel installation is a great investment for many, helping to lower energy bills and achieve a greener living environment. Solar PV installers in Kent will assess your roof, work out the number of panels needed and provide you with a renewable source of power.

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