Here is why your furnace is making unusual noises


The majority of mechanical equipment produces some noise while they work. However, not all furnaces produce a lot of noise, but those operating correctly shouldn’t. Your furnace may need repairs if it begins to make strange or loud noises. There is undoubtedly a problem with it. All the same, here are some typical furnace noises and their most likely causes.

furnace is making unusual noises


A whistling noise in furnaces happens for the same reasons that humans do: something is obstructing the airflow. An obstruction, like a dirty or malfunctioning air filter, is the cause of a furnace’s whistling noise.A blocked return, items in the ductwork, and closed vents or dampers are more potential sources of a whistling sound coming from your furnace.Opening the vents and dampers and cleaning the ducts and filter may help you address the noise. In severe cases, a professional for furnace repair Calgary is required to address the source of the whistling sound.


There may be a soft woosh or roar as your furnace turns on to finish a cycle. However, it may indicate concern if the soft roar becomes a low rumbling. The most likely cause of loud rumbling that persists after the furnace has finished a cycle and turned off is a burner issue. Gas or oil may still be present in the combustion chamber upon completion of the furnace cycle.

The reason for the rumbling noise coming from the furnace is that the fuel is still burning.Because the excess fuel in the combustion chamber might lead to elevated levels of carbon monoxide in your house, a rumbling sound shouldn’t be ignored and needs quick attention. Verify that the furnace is off, then immediately contact a specialist to help.

Squealing and screeching sounds

The cause of squealing and screeching noises is typically a blower motor problem. The bearings of the engine are prone to drying out over time. Adding lubrication is frequently the solution to motor bearing problems. There may also be squealing and screeching noises due to a broken belt. Get in touch with a qualified furnace specialist for assistance with belt replacement to avoid your furnace malfunctioning.

Clunking or knocking

When operating correctly, your furnace won’t create clunking or knocking sounds. A fan problem is one of the possible causes of a furnace creating a knocking noise. For instance, the blower fan’s blades may strike the furnace’s walls or other components if they become misaligned. A fan belt that has split or broken and is slamming into other materials while it rotates could also be the source of a clunking or knocking noise in a furnace. Your best course of action is to turn off your furnace and have a professional come out if it makes a “clunk clunk” noise at any time.

An essential take a way

The first step in determining whether your furnace is making regular or strange noises is to identify whether the problem is innocuous or warrants more investigation. Generally speaking, clicking and low humming noises at the beginning of the cycle are not alarming. However, if your furnace begins to produce loud noises such as rattling, whistling, pounding, or screeching, you should call a technician to investigate the cause.

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