Why Effective Termite Control Is Important For Your Home


Some people go their entire lives without encountering termite problems in their homes. However, it only takes one of them to start a whole army and ruin your property. Termites are among the most challenging pests to deal with in Texas. The most difficult part about them is identification. They are often confused with normal, harmless insects. 

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Subterranean termites live underground and only come out to invade your wooden furniture. They may chew through your coffee table, baseboards, framework, and other wooden structures in the house. The worst part is that the damage is so unnoticeable that you won’t know about it until the pieces start to fall apart. There are many companies for Pest Control in McKinney like Romney Pest Control, you can contact them today for an inspection. 

What does the life cycle of a termite colony look like?

Termites are in a constant state of reproduction. Male and female termites leave their home colony to mate and shed their wings in this process. Female termites, after fertilization, are called the queens. These queen termites gave birth to workers and soldiers who would serve this colony. 

This cycle is constantly repeated. New soldiers are born, and the colony expands. By the time you notice a termite infestation in your home, the colony may have already expanded a lot.

Why do termites destroy wooden structures?

Different species of termites can invade your home and destroy your property. The reason is to find their food. If you did not know, cellulose, the main component in things like woods and leaves, is the termite’s favorite source of nutrition. 

In nature, these pests feed on leaf piles, stumps, dead trees, and other similar items. Around homes, they feed on newspapers or wet cardboard. If your home has a wooden structure that is water-damaged, decaying, or rotting, these termites will definitely want to visit your home to take a bite. They can damage your property and cost you thousands of dollars. 

Why is annual termite inspection important?

Termites are excellent in going unnoticed and continue to destroy your property under cover. However, if you are lucky enough, you will find visual clues that termites have invaded your home, and you can take measures to wipe them off before too much damage occurs. 

Common signs that termites are present in your home include:

  • Piles of discarded wings
  • Wood-colored pellets near your wall
  • Chewing sounds coming from inside the wood
  • A hollow sound while knocking on the wood
  • Peeled paints on your walls
  • Smaller holes in the walls 
  • Discolored walls or furniture
  • Droppings on the walls
  • Weird smells and odors around the house
  • Hallow-sounding woods in your house and furniture 

Should I speak to a professional pest control service?

The best course of action when you detect a termite colony, is to reach out to termite control professionals. They have prior experience and are licensed professionals who know how to get rid of termites permanently and effectively. They will follow all the safe protocols to ensure you do not have to face termite infestation in the future again. 

Make sure you reach out to a pest control service today and get their assistance. 

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