Reasons One Room is Hotter Than Others: AC Malfunction


In some situations, you may notice that some rooms inside your household are colder or hotter than others, no matter your thermostat. In this situation, you should consider the following issues:

By entering here, you will learn the importance of AC regulations for your particular needs.

AC Malfunction

  • Clogged Air Filter – A dirty filter will restrict airflow, meaning your home will not get cold air.
  • Closed Vents – This issue can cause some rooms to be hotter than others.
  • Open Windows – When you open windows while keeping the AC unit on, the cold air will create uneven temperatures in specific rooms.
  • Air Duct Problems – Suppose you have crushed or kinked supply ducts. In that case, specific rooms will not get enough air as they should. At the same time, leaky ducts can cause severe issues, including uneven temperatures.

Still, it may not be any problem mentioned above, which is why you will create an unbalanced HVAC system. The best action is to find an AC company to help you throughout the process. Energy Whisperer Home Services is one of the Best HVAC Services in Wesley Chapel & they are too professional in their work.  .

Things to Know About Air Balancing

Air balancing is the adjustment process of handling the amount of heated or cooled air within your household. When the system is precisely balanced, every room within your household can reach the same temperature simultaneously.

Numerous things can lead to an unbalanced HVAC system. As soon as you install the AC unit, you will need large ducts and supplies that can provide you with significant air volumes into rooms. On the other hand, a home with different temperatures in different rooms features an unbalanced system, which is an important factor to remember.

Check out this website: to learn why one room is hotter than others within your household. Dampers are valves that will allow you to adjust the amount of air within each room or a single part of your house. The main idea is to install them on the main ducts near the inside of the AC unit.

Still, numerous things can affect the balance. We can differentiate numerous problems that can lead to these issues.

1.   Different Levels

Having multiple levels within your household is challenging to balance because you must consider the heat rising and the long runs of ducts required to get air into all rooms. Still, the only solution is to implement a zoned air conditioning system.

By implementing zoning into your home, you will separate various areas. Remember that each zone will feature a specific thermostat or temperature sensor that automatically controls dampers within your ducts.

That way, you can get even the temperature within your home to set different temperatures in different rooms.

2.   Long Runs and Uninsulated Ducts

It is customary to gain heat. Cool air travels through the ductwork in specific and unconditioned areas, such as your attic. Therefore, uninsulated and long runs of ducts will ensure the cool air gets much warmer when it exists.

Still, rooms closer to the AC will be more relaxed than others. The best way to deal with this problem is by adding insulation to your ducts. That way, you must restructure all home’s ductwork to distribute the air throughout the household evenly.

3.   Lousy Return Vents

Numerous significant households have only a single return vent, which can quickly suck the warm air from other rooms far away. That way, you will have plenty of cool air mixing with the warmer one.

We recommend you try to leave the doors of all your rooms open. That way, you can deal with airflow, which is essential to remember. On the other hand, you can add more return ducts to your home, too.

4.   Undersized or Oversized System

If you have an extensive AC system, it will shut off faster than others, meaning the rooms will be colder or warmer depending on numerous factors. On the other hand, if the system is too small or undersized, you may not be able to cool the entire house properly, which is another problem you must face.

If you have a too large system, we recommend using fans, which will help you circulate the cool air into the warm rooms within your household. On the other hand, if the AC is too small, you should get a different system or newer ones that will meet your needs.

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